Solarized Developers

Notes and Guidelines on Port Development

When developing a port of the Solarized colorscheme that you’d like to see included in the main project repository, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. No hue or color changes. Please keep the same hex/rgb/Lab values. If you want to change them, that’s fine, but I’d recommend setting it up as a

  2. If you are making a new port, consider creating a repository with just the theme/plugin for your particular port, rather than forking the entire Solarized master repository. This allows your users to pull down just the theme for the application easily. I can also pull in your repository using git-subtree as a subdirectory of the master Solarized project. This is what I do with the Vim and Mutt themes (they each have an independent repo for the convenience of those cloning the project directly into their vim/mutt configuration).

  3. If you are going to fork and modify code, please check to see who the maintainer for the specific Solarized component is. Mail me if you can’t find that information in the README for the specific port.

README guidlines

Please include a README for your project that contains the following information:

  1. A link to the main solarized project page: This page will also have links back to your port/repo as well as attribution. I want to maintain it as the canonical clearing house for all ports, etc.

  2. A link to your project repository

  3. A link to the main solarized repository on github (in addition to the link to the main site above)

  4. Installation instructions as necessary for your port

See the vim-colors-solarized subdirectory for an example of this. Your README doesn’t need to be this elaborate, of course, but should be clear enough that users can get up and running.